Beauchamps Hand Lotion – Made in Rutland, Vermont

My winter skin is just terrible, especially my hands.  As a potter and knitter, my hands are constantly exposed to drying elements.  Let’s not forget the wood heat, as well.  My hands crack and bleed, especially on my fingers.  I have tried all sorts of hand creams and butters, and haven’t come upon any that make a significant difference – UNTIL NOW!

My neighbor, Shelley, of Mid Century Mad Vintage Variety, brought me over a sample of Beauchamps Hand Lotion, which is made in Rutland, Vermont.  It is a clear liquid and smells like strong Vicks VapORub.  ”Mmmmmm,” I thought, really?  Well, I took it home and used it twice a day for a few days.  Heck, I even put it on my poor cracked heels.  OMG – triple exclamation points – it works!  Most of the sore, cracked areas were healed!

I went online to investigate getting more and found the website.  The story of this hand lotion is as follows:

“Beauchamp’s Hand Lotion was formulated over 70 years ago by Fred Beauchamp and his partner, William O’Rourke. It was first developed to help treat the cracked and chapped hands of men working in the foundries and marble shops that surrounded Rutland, Vermont.

According to Bob Beauchamp, RPh, the son of Fred Beauchamp, “I recall my father telling me that they developed the lotion for my Uncle Arthur when he was working at a foundry and came in with problem hands during the winter. His hands were split and chapped from handling cold dirty castings. This is because hands tend to be dried out that time of year and because they have less circulation than at warmer times. I believe that from this simple beginning the word-of-mouth effectiveness of this product has kept it popular all these years.”

Today, Beauchamp’s Lotion is still made by master pharmacist, Bob Beauchamp, RPh, from Fred’s special formula.”

I am THRILLED to be able to offer this wonderful product at PY&G!  There is a “tester” bottle, so you can try it for yourself.  The 4 ounce bottles sell for $9.95 (a dollar less than the online price).


  1. roberta says:

    Is the dry, cracked & chapped hand lotion also good for dry skin on legs?

    • PYarnGifts says:

      Hi Roberta, I use it on my dry, cracked feet, so you could use it on your legs. I use it before bed and first thing in the AM, and that does the trick!

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