Free Duplicate Stitch Workshop

Saturday, July 27 ~ 10 – 11 AM
Free with Purchase of Adirondack Felted Christmas Stocking Kit ($21)

This workshop is free with the purchase of the Felted Christmas Stocking Kit.  Sue will explain the pattern and teach you the duplicate stitch.  She will take you through the felting process to insure success with this lovely Adirondack-inspired Christmas stocking.  Please note that this class will NOT teach you to knit a sock.  You will need the sock workshops or lessons for that.

A complete description of making the stocking can be found on my blog (click here).  For the workshop, you will need a yarn needle and a swatch of knitted stockinette stitch about 5″ square or larger, and some contrasting colors of the same weight yarn.

To register, please fill out this signup form, and indicate “Christmas Stocking Workshop” in the comment box, call 518-593-3647, or you may register at the shop.   Registration is limited, so reserve your seat early.


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