Locally Handmade Gifts

Plattsburgh Yarn & Gifts is proud to have expanded our gift offerings to include many local artisans.  Each gift is unique and has been finely crafted by talented hands in the North Country.

Pottery by Sue Coonrod

Beaded Butterflies by Karen Parker

Needle/Hook Organizers, Aprons & Bags by Margaret Riley

Tote Bags by Renee Hall

Art Cards & Prints by Rosie DeLise

Felted Bags

Little Gems by Kari

Silver Lake Designs

Goat Milk Soap by Nancy Garrand and Donna Pearce

Stitch Markers by Rebecca Allard

Christian Rodriguez Designs

Beauchamps Hand Lotion



  1. Pam Kelley says:

    I stopped in the shop yesterday and I will definitely shop there again. It is a very friendly and welcoming little place. I am seriously considering taking knitting lessons!!!
    The shop is a beautiful little gem, filled with all kinds of wonderful jewel colored yarns and other unique treasures, that many of us simply cannot live without!
    Let’s all support our local businesses as much as we can!!
    They deserve our business.

  2. PYarnGifts says:

    Thank you, Pam!

  3. Sue, Dana has expressed her enthusiasm for your shop and what the shop offers. We would like to give her a gift card to your shop for her birthday on March 15. I would appreciate your letting me know how to proceed in doing that.

    Helen Todd( mother of Dana Isabella)

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